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Who We Are

Who We Are

EVC Scottsdale is located in Scottsdale, AZ.
We are the leading sales and marketing
broker in the Arizona market. We represent
the world’s largest brands in office and
medical supplies and will soon expand into
the technology and communication industries.

EVC Scottsdale has an executive staff with over
twenty years of experience in direct sales and
brokerage. Our experience has provided our
company several opportunities to expand
to other states in the United States and soon
into the United Kingdom.

Growth is our main focus! Our team advances
their careers based on their performance,
integrity, and merit.


What we do

What We Do

EVC Scottsdale is an in-person sales and
marketing company. Our team makes up
a professional force that provides our clients
the ability to attract, engage and retain loyal,
profitable business customers. Trained in
advanced, modern selling techniques and
product knowledge, our sales representatives
meet with business customers to provide
products and services that meet their individual
needs. We act as our clients’ brand ambassadors
and advocates, treating their customers with
respect and courtesy.

We feel it is important to focus on future
development. Developing our team’s confidence,
presentation skills and organizational skills
allows us to cross train them into any leadership
role.  As a part of our hands-on approach, we
teach our team every aspect of management, by
showing them all aspects of our company. We
create better managers and set them up with
the skills to meet their true potential.

What we Stand For

What We Stand For

At EVC Scottsdale, we truly believe in the
Vince Lombardi quote: “The achievements
of an organization are the results of the
combined effort of each individual.”

Here at EVC Scottsdale, we believe the core of
leadership is an individual who has a clear
vision. The companies that survive the longest
are the ones that work out what they distinctively
can provide to the world – not just growth or
money but their excellence, their respect for
others and their ability to make other people
live the lives they dream to live.

We see what others are afraid to explore and
help them create their own vision while gaining
control of their future. We show people how to
live their lives fully, make better decisions
and teach them the importance of their actions.